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posted on April 18 2014

Ripping skating from the man Mike Anderson ends this Yellow Van Chronicles video series. #FUN

Mike Anderson photo: David Broach

posted on April 17 2014

Mike Anderson and his friends get in the "yellow van" and head North out of VTA for some fun on the road, skateboarding. Pure and simple, in the name of FUN! More to come! 

Yellow Van Chronicles Part 1

Yellow Van Chronicles Part 2

posted on April 15 2014

Tyler Hatzikian has over 25-years of commitment to improving his skills as both a shaper and glasser. Tyler’s surfboards are not only far from replica, they are developing a reputation of being iconic on their own. He is proud to carry on the planer after following the footsteps of the legendary craftsmen of his local surf community in the South Bay.

Matix Clothing and Tyler Surfboards team up for a collection that reflects timeless style, performance, hot rod culture and surfings roots. ï»¿

Matix presents Who Is Tyler Hatzikian of Tyler Surfboards from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.